Once again, Riyadh welcomes the global PUBG MOBILE community!


PUBG MOBILE, the pioneering mobile battle royale sensation, joins the Esports World Cup tournament, infusing the competition with dynamic action and strategic gameplay. Players parachute onto a remote island, scavenging for weapons and gear, engaging in intense firefights against opponents from across the globe. With intuitive controls and an ever-evolving map, PUBG Mobile offers gripping battles and tactical depth, captivating audiences worldwide.

This year’s Esports World Cup introduces an exhilarating PUBG MOBILE showdown, featuring 28 teams vying for a share of the staggering $3 million USD prize pool. The tournament will be a landmark event, showcasing the very best of mobile esports on a grand scale. Participants will face off in a series of high-stakes matches, each aiming to outlast and outplay the competition.

With immersive gameplay and accessible mechanics, PUBG MOBILE appeals to a diverse audience of players and spectators. As teams battle on the global stage, expect thrilling encounters and dramatic moments that highlight the skill and strategy required to succeed in the competitive world of mobile esports. Prepare to witness the excitement as PUBG MOBILE cements its position among the top titles at the Esports World Cup.