1. Minimal Success and Contributing Competitions

To be eligible for the Club Championship, a club needs to reach top 8 positions in at least two competitions.

To be eligible to win the first place of the Club Championship, a club needs to reach first place in at least one competition. Otherwise the highest ranked club with at least one first place result will be moved up to first place in the Club Championship.

The following competitions at Esports World Cup 2024 count towards the Club Championship Ranking:

  • Esports World Cup: Apex Legends

  • Esports World Cup: Counter Strike 2

  • Esports World Cup: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

  • Esports World Cup: Call of Duty Warzone

  • Riyadh Masters at EWC

  • Esports World Cup: EA FC24

  • Esports World Cup: ESL R1 / Rennsport

  • Esports World Cup: featuring Fortnite

  • Esports World Cup: Free Fire

  • HoK Invitational Midseason at EWC

  • Esports World Cup: League of Legends

  • ML:BB Mid-Season Cup 2024 (MSC) at EWC

  • ML:BB Women's Invitational (MWI) at EWC

  • Esports World Cup: Overwatch 2


  • Esports World Cup: PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS

  • Esports World Cup: Rainbow Six

  • Esports World Cup: featuring Rocket League

  • Esports World Cup: Starcraft II

  • Esports World Cup: Street Fighter 6

  • Esports World Cup: Teamfight Tactics

  • Esports World Cup: Tekken 8

Additional competitions may be added at the discretion of the Esports World Cup Foundation once they have been publicly announced.

2. Eligibility for Points

A) For the Club Championship, each Club has to settle on their game titles eligible for EWC CC by June 13th. For that reason, an organization can only earn points for the Club Championship for participants that were (publicly and - if applicable - towards the tournament administration) part of that organization before the deadline at 23:59 AST on Thursday, 13th of June 2024. For both Call of Duty tournaments, this deadline is extended to the same time on Thursday 27th of June. This extension counts only for acquisitions, not for Joint Ventures.

This includes competitions where the qualification or invitation occurs after that date.

This affects signings and acquisitions of new squads or 1on1 players, not minor roster changes in team games, which are regulated separately in each tournament's rulebook.

B) In team competitions, only complete teams that take part under the name(s) and brand(s) of their organization will be considered. In individual competitions, single players that represent their organization in name and brand (but playing under their individual name) will be considered.

Using several established names or brands of the same organization in different competitions may be allowed, for example for historical or legal reasons or publisher requirements.

Participants that are not formally part of an organization can only contribute to the points for that organization under the exception described under rule 4.B., but the same deadline still applies.

The official roster report will be relied on, unless the tournament administration is officially informed of a change after the submission of the report but before the deadline.

3. Multiple Representatives in one Competition

If an organization is represented by several participants in the same competition, the organization will only receive the highest points obtained by one of their participants.

4. Collaborations between Organizations

A) To be eligible for earning points in the Club Championship, it is generally not allowed for teams and players to represent multiple legally distinct organizations.

B) The only exception that can be allowed (at the sole discretion of the tournament administration after reviewing the terms and documents of that agreement and only after receiving written approval.) is where two organizations have a long-term (6 months or more), mutually beneficial agreement for one of their squads to be a “Joint Venture”.

This Joint Venture has to be established and approved before the deadline (see 2.A.) but also must have qualified or been invited already under its Joint Team identity.

Applications for approval have to go to in time to allow for all required documents to be reviewed before the deadline.

Such a Joint Venture will contribute points to only one of the two organizations, this choice has to be formally confirmed by both organizations towards the tournament administration before the deadline.

The name of such a squad must always include the brand name of the organization that it will contribute points to as its first part.

All organizations from Joint Ventures with overlapping teams (This applies also to Team B and Team C if they each have a separate Joint Venture with Team A) will then no longer be allowed to take part in the same competition together and have to agree about which competitions are reserved for which organization, before the Joint Venture can be granted.

C) Each organization can only have one Joint Venture with one other organization.

Additional Joint Ventures with other organizations will not be eligible for Club Championship points.

D) Each Joint Venture may normally only consist of one squad. If an exception is granted (e.g. because the ecosystem or Publisher rules dictate it) and there are multiple squads in the allowed Joint Venture, only one of them - which has to be agreed and confirmed by both organizations before the deadline - will be eligible to earn points for the Club Championship.

E) Any Joint Venture can only be approved if the clubs engaging in it can prove that this Joint Venture is aligned with and acceptable for their game ecosystem and its rules.

F) Two members of the EWCF Club Support Program are not allowed to form a Joint Venture together.

G) Once two organizations have each been invited into or qualified for the same competition, they are no longer eligible to send a Joint Venture squad into any competition.

H) Any collaborations that are not Joint Ventures may constitute a conflict of interest and may result in the exclusion of one or both organizations from the Club Championship or even from participation in the competitions.

5. Points Table

The following points are granted per rank in all competitions listed as eligible in rule 1:

  • 1 = 1000 points

  • 2 = 600 points

  • 3 = 350 points

  • 3-4* = 275 points

  • 4 = 200 points

  • 5** = 110 points

  • 5-6** = 90 points

  • 6** = 70 points

  • 5-8** = 60 points

  • 7** = 40 points

  • 7-8** = 30 points

  • 8** = 20 points

* Where applicable, some titles do not have a 3rd/4th place decider

** Where applicable, some titles have individual ranks 5,6,7,8, some have shared ranks 5/6 and 7/8, some have shared ranks 5-8.

If other ties occur in a game, the points will be distributed by adding up all points of the ranks of all tied teams and dividing them by the number of those tied teams

6. Prize Money Distribution

The following prize money will be awarded to the Top8 ranks of the Club Championship ranking:

1. $7,000,000

2. $4,000,000

3. $2,000,000

4. $1,500,000

5. $1,250,000

6. $1,000,000

7. $800,000

8. $600,000

9. $450,000

10. $350,000

11. $250,000

12. $200,000

13. $150,000

14. $150,000

15. $150,000

16. $150,000

Ties for first place in the Club Championship will be broken no matter what. In case of identical points for the first place, the order of tiebreakers is:

1. Higher number of better single results (e.g. two clubs have 3000 points, both clubs won one tournament but one of the clubs finished 2nd twice and the other only once, then the one with the two 2nd places is ahead) - “Olympic Medal Logic”.

Only for the purpose of this tiebreaker, shared ranks count as “fractions” of the shared ranks, e.g. a shared 3/4 rank (lost in single elimination in semi final) counts as “1⁄2 3rd place + 1⁄2 4th place” and a shared 5-8 rank (lost in single elimination in quarter final) counts as “1⁄4 5th place + 1⁄4 6th place + 1⁄4 7th place + 1⁄4 8th place”.

2. More points from direct matches between the clubs (win 3 points, tie 1 point, loss 0 points. “Multimatch” matches like racing or Battle Royale count as “won” if the team or the best solo player of one club is ahead of the team or best solo player of the other club)

3. If there still remain ties for first place after the above, the administration may introduce other feasible methods to resolve it.

In case of two or more organizations being tied for other ranks, the money for all tied ranks will be split equally among all organizations tied for those ranks (including beyond 8, e.g. if 8-11 are tied, these four organizations will each receive a quarter of the 8th rank prize money).