The Esports World Cup Foundation is the first of its kind initiative designed to support the sustainability of esports organizations. The Club Program empowers esports orgs to expand their investment across multiple game titles, providing impactful career opportunities for competitive athletes worldwide.

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With 30 total esports clubs as members of the Club Program, these organizations can receive six-figure funding to enter into new esports titles at the highest level, allowing them to:

  • Re-enter esports titles in which they previously established long histories of involvement and enter new gaming genres with a robust grassroots resonance

  • Expand into new international markets by signing players and rosters outside their home region, fueling stronger global esports infrastructure

  • Create novel content fans will appreciate, along with hiring staff needed to support these players and teams

A club's acceptance into the EWC Club Support Program does not guarantee participation at the Esports World Cup. All competitors must qualify on their own merits for each title. Regardless of qualification to the EWC, all members of the EWC Support Program will be eligible for annual financial rewards based on their ability to drive viewership and fan engagement to the EWC.

How does the selection process for the EWC Club Support Program work?

In response to the significant interest in the Club Program, our original 28 available slots were increased to 30. Of the 30 total clubs invited, eight were selected through an open application period in February 2024, during which the EWC Foundation received more than 150 applications. Applications were judged on three core criteria: a club's esports pedigree, its forward-looking competitive strategy and goals, and lastly, its approach to content and fan engagement. The 30 clubs hail from five major esports regions: Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and the Middle East – making the EWCF Club Support Program a truly global endeavor.